Prize Recipients

2023–Two students were selected to receive the Lamb Prize in 2023:

Nadine Y. Al Annabi, University at Albany (SUNY) and Samuel Ransley, University of Maine.

Nadine Al Annabi, “Comparative Analysis of America’s and Germany’s Higher Education System

Samuel Ransley, “Mechanisms of Totalitarian Development

Publication of the winning papers is forthcoming in Summer, 2023.

Honorable Mention: Aidan Harn-Flood, Santa Clara University for his paper entitled “Synthetic and Segregated: Political Effects of Nationalism in South Africa and China.”

2021Andrew G. Steinberg, Brown University

Video  “Knowledge with a Purpose”

Citation: Steinberg, Andrew G. (2021) “No Home for the Brave: Understanding America’s Veteran Deportation System.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2020Sandra Carrillo Rodriguez, Idaho State University

Citation: Carrillo Rodriguez, S. (2020). “Nuestro Destino (Our Destiny): An Analysis on Latina/o/x Linked Fate.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2019–Paul F. Weisser, Saint Vincent College

Citation: Weisser, P. F. (2019). “‘I Believe We are Lost:’ The Worst Casualties of the Great War.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2018Zachariah A. Levitan, University at Albany, SUNY


Citation: Levitan, Z. A. (2018). “The YouTube Apocalypse and Adcquisition: Proposing a Change in YouTube’s Political Content Monetization Methodology.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2017–Claire McMorris, Oregon State University


Citation: McMorris, C. (2017). “Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2016–Quinn Massaroni, Bryant University


Citation: Massaroni, Q. (2016). “A United States Sustainable Energy Transition Based on Successful International Models. Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2015–David A. Belcher, University of California, Davis


Citation: Belcher, D.A. (2015). “An Efficient Electoral Method to Reduce Voter Ignorance.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.