Prize Recipients

Prize Recipients

2021Andrew G. Steinberg, Brown University

Video  “Knowledge with a Purpose”

Citation: Steinberg, Andrew G. (2021) “No Home for the Brave: Understanding America’s Veteran Deportation System.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2020Sandra Carrillo Rodriguez, Idaho State University

Citation: Carrillo Rodriguez, S. (2020). “Nuestro Destino (Our Destiny): An Analysis on Latina/o/x Linked Fate.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2019–Paul F. Weisser, Saint Vincent College

Citation: Weisser, P. F. (2019). “‘I Believe We are Lost:’ The Worst Casualties of the Great War.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2018Zachariah A. Levitan, University at Albany, SUNY


Citation: Levitan, Z. A. (2018). “The YouTube Apocalypse and Adcquisition: Proposing a Change in YouTube’s Political Content Monetization Methodology.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2017–Claire McMorris, Oregon State University


Citation: McMorris, C. (2017). “Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97.” Negotiation Guidance Associates. 

2016–Quinn Massaroni, Bryant University


Citation: Massaroni, Q. (2016). “A United States Sustainable Energy Transition Based on Successful International Models. Negotiation Guidance Associates.

2015–David A. Belcher, University of California, Davis


Citation: Belcher, D.A. (2015). “An Efficient Electoral Method to Reduce Voter Ignorance.” Negotiation Guidance Associates.