Advisory Consortium

A consortium is a group formed to undertake an endeavor beyond the means of any one member. The Advisory Consortium assists the Steering Committee for the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science by providing advice and guidance on how best to present information about the Prize to faculty and undergraduates. This is an endeavor that is best performed by many people working together to help improve communication about the Prize. Although the Advisory Consortium has no role in selecting prize winners, the members provide important advice to assist the Steering Committee in managing the Prize.

Members of the Advisory Consortium

Kyeonghi Baek, Political Science Department, Buffalo State SUNY

Robert Bartlett, Sociology & Justice Studies, Eastern Washington University

David A. Belcher, University of California Berkeley School of Law, 2015 Recipient of the Lamb Prize

Zakhar Berkovich, Rockefeller College of Public Affairs, University of Albany

Nina Burkardt, Past-president, Western Social Science Association

Ross E. Burkhart, Department of Political Science, Boise State University

Taylor Chaffetz, Department of Political Science, Colorado State University

Beverly A. Cigler, Distinguished Professor Emerita, Public Policy & Administration, Pennsylvania State University–Harrisburg

Henry Evans, Department of Equal Opportunity & Affirmative Action and Department of Political Science, Idaho State University

Nicole Lynne Freiner, Department of History & Political Science, Bryant University

Elisabeth Graffy, School for the Future of Innovation in Society &  Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University

Mark T. Imperial, Department of Public and International Affairs, University of North Carolina Wilmington

M. Dawn King, Environmental Studies, Brown University

Elizabeth A. Kusko, Department of Political Science, William Peace University

Ashley Leinweber, Department of Political Science, Missouri State University

Mariano Magalhães, Department of Political Science, Augustana College

Sherri L. Mora, Department of Political Science, Texas State University

Suzanne Pierce, Department of Political Science, Duke University

Ethan ScheinerDepartment of Political Science, University of California, Davis

Edward Tseng, Kwan Fong Institute of East Asian Studies and Pace University

Erika Wolters, School of Public Policy, Oregon State University

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