How to Apply for the Lamb Prize


FEBRUARY 16, 2024

Steps in Preparing and Submitting an Application:

  1. Check out the selection criteria.
  2. Revise your paper with the help of your Advisor or Mentor.
  3. Download the Application Form.
  4. Prepare a cover letter and have your faculty sponsor or advisor sign the Application Form.
  5. Submit your Application no later than close of business on the third Friday in February.

Helpful Links:    

Innovation and Good Writing for the Lamb Prize     

More about Good Writing

More about Innovation

What is an “Abstract? Guidance for writing a good descriptive abstract. How to write an abstract.

Examples of winning Papers: 

Example– Full Paper: A United States Sustainable Energy Transition Based Successful International Models

Example–Full Paper: Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97

Example–Full Paper: “I Believe We are Lost:” The Worst Casualties of the Great War

Useful Video

Strategies for Lamb Prize Applications

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Recipients of the Lamb Prize for 2023

Two Students Chosen to Receive the 2023 Prize

Samuel Ransley of the University of Maine won the Prize for his paper entitled “Mechanisms of Totalitarian Development.”

Samual Ransley, University of Maine

Nadine Y. Al Annabi won the Prize for her paper entitled “Comparative Analysis of America’s and Germany’s Higher Education Systems.”

Nadine Al Annabi, University at Albany, SUNY

Both papers will be published in the summer of 2023.

Samuel Ransley is a senior at the University of Maine, majoring in Political Science with a minor in Economics. He is scheduled to graduate in May, 2023. His winning paper examines the works of Hannah Arendt and George Orwell with the goal of explaining the factors leading to the development of totalitrianism.

Nadine Al Annabi graduated from the University at Albany, SUNY in December 2022. Her major was Political Science (honors) with a minor in English. Her winning paper compares the higher education systems in Germany and the United States with the aim of understanding the variables that may be associated with establishment of universal tuition-free college education.

Dr. Donna Lybecker, Idaho State University and Chair of the Lamb Prize Selection Committee with Samuel Ransley and Nadine Al Annabi at the Awards Ceremony during the World Social Science Association annual meeting in Tempe, AZ in April, 2023.

In addition to the Prize recipients, the Selection Committee awarded Honorable Mention recognition to Aidan Harn-Flood of Santa Clara University. Mr. Harn-Flood’s paper is entitled “Synthetic and Segregated: Political Effects of Nationalism in South Africa and China.”

Aidan Harn-Flood with his faculty sponsor Dr. Diana Morlang on the campus of Santa Clara University
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Lamb Prize Flyer for 2024

Download the Flyer

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Knowledge with a Purpose

‘Have you been thinking that you might want to apply for the Lamb Prize? If so, there is good advice from past winners in a series of short videos. You can access the videos from the Past Recipients Page.

Andrew Steinberg, Brown University

There is new advice and a unique perspective in the new video by the 2021 winner, Andrew Steinberg. He discusses his experience preparing his application for the Prize. Andrew also talks about how the Prize is a practical step in pursuing his deep interest in the deported veterans of the U.S. military.

There is more information about making application. You can find that information at:

Strategies for Lamb Prize Applications


Innovation and Good Writing for the Lamb Prize

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“No Home for the Brave” — 2021 Winning Paper is Published

“No Home for the Brave: Understanding America’s Veteran Deportation System”

by Andrew Steinberg

Brown University

Published by Negotiation Guidance Associates.

The paper is available using this link.

Award Plaque for the 2021 Lamb Prize Recipient

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The 2021 Winner is Andrew Steinberg of Brown University

Andrew Steinberg of Brown University is the winner of the 2021 Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science. His winning paper, entitled “No Home for the Brave: Understanding America’s Veteran Deportation System,” discusses the complex legal system affecting the status of immigrant members and veterans of the U.S. military. The system, which has developed over several decades, prevents them from achieving citizenship, avoiding deportation, and accessing proper healthcare.

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Honorable Mention Announced for the 2021 Lamb Prize

The 2021 Honorable Mention Award for the Lamb Prize has been presented to Andrew Hinckley of Bryant University in Smithfield, Rhode Island.  Mr. Hinckley’s award-winning paper is entitled “Ending Partisan Gerrymandering.” His application was sponsored by Professor Richard Holtzman, who wrote, “Andrew is an excellent writer and critical, analytical thinker.” 

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The Winner of the 2020 Lamb Prize is Sandra Carrillo Rodriguez

Sandra Carrillo Rodriguez of Idaho State University has won the 2020 Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science. She becomes the sixth recipient of the Prize. Her winning paper seeks to understand how perceived discrimination and partisanship influences Latina/o/x linked fate. “Linked fate” refers to the belief that individual fates are connected to those of someone’s racial or ethnic group. Continue reading

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And the 2019 Winner Is: Paul F. Weisser of Saint Vincent College

Paul F. Weisser of St. Vincent College Has Been Selected for the 2019 Prize

The Lamb Prize is pleased to announce Paul F. Weisser as its winner for 2019. Mr. Weisser, a junior majoring in Politics at Saint Vincent College, is the fifth  undergraduate to win the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science. Continue reading

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Zachariah Levitan wins the 2018 Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science

Zachariah A. Levitan of Rockefeller College of Public Affairs and Policy, University at Albany, SUNY has been awarded the 2018 Lamb Prize, becoming the fourth undergraduate to win this coveted award.  The prize, worth $1,000, plus travel expenses and a one-year membership in the Western Social Science Association (WSSA) marks a career milestone for Mr. Levitan. The paper has been published by Negotiation Guidance Associates and may be found at “Levitan Paper.

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