Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a student who is graduating in the fall eligible to apply for the Lamb Prize? The answer is YES.

Students who graduate in the Fall are eligible to apply for the Prize that is to be awarded in April of the following year (i.e., the same academic year).  For example, students who graduated in December of 2017 were eligible to apply for the 2018 Prize. The deadline for receiving an application or nomination is the third Friday in February each year.

2. May a person to nominate more than one student per year? The answer is YES.

3. Does a successful applicant have to be a citizen of the United States? The answer is NO.

Applicants and nominees must be majoring or minoring in Political Science or one of its related fields at a college or university in the United States.

4. What is a related or sub-field of Political Science?

The Selection Committee will evaluate each application, including examination of the Political Science curriculum in an applicant’s major. Examples of related or sub-fields of Political Science include, but are not limited to, Public Administration, International Relations, International Politics, Diplomacy, Political Economics, Policy, Government, Comparative Politics, Public Policy, Political Communication,