How to Apply


1. The Prize

The Prize is awarded annually. It includes public recognition$1,000 cash award, travel expenses to attend the Western Social Science Association (WSSA), a plaque, and one-year membership in the WSSA. The Prize is sponsored by Negotiation Guidance Associates. The Prize will be presented each year at the annual conference of the Western Social Science Association.

2. Overview and Purpose

The Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science was created to support and reward undergraduate work that highlights innovation and good writing. The Prize is open to undergraduate students at colleges in the United States who are majoring in Political Science or one of its sub-fields.

3. Deadline for Submission

Submissions are to be received by close of business on the third Monday in February each year.  Applications that are not received by close of business on the deadline date will not be considered.

4. Criteria

  • Each year the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science will be presented to the outstanding Political Science undergraduate who best combines innovation, breadth of knowledge, and good writing.
  • Award recipients must be an undergraduate at the time of the award who is pursuing a major in any field of Political Science, including International Relations, Foreign Policy, International Organizations, Comparative Politics, Area Studies, Public Administration, Public Finance, Public Personnel Management, Public Law, and Public Policy.
  • Award recipients must be students who are currently enrolled full-time in a degree-seeking program a college or university in the United States
  • Submissions will be evaluated based on formal criteria.

5. The Selection Committee

  • The Selection Committee is independently responsible for choosing the annual Prize recipient.
  • The Committee reserves the right to withhold the prize.
  • Nominations may be submitted by faculty, employers, or fellow students.
  • Applications are submitted by the student her- or himself.
  • The Committee prefers nominations or applications submitted as email attachments to the Chair of the Selection Committee at However, submissions via the U.S. Postal Service will be accepted: Dr. Donna Lybecker, Department of Political Science, Idaho State University, Pocatello, ID 83209.

6. Application and Nomination Forms

We are not responsible for loss or damage of submissions.  Submission will not be returned; please retain a copy for your records.

Click Here to Download the Application Form

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