How to Apply for the Lamb Prize


FEBRUARY 16, 2024

Steps in Preparing and Submitting an Application:

  1. Check out the selection criteria.
  2. Revise your paper with the help of your Advisor or Mentor.
  3. Download the Application Form. (Application Form will be available in July, 2023)
  4. Prepare a cover letter and obtain a support letter from your Advisor or Mentor.
  5. Submit your Application no later than close of business on the third Friday in February.

Helpful Links:    

Innovation and Good Writing for the Lamb Prize     

More about Good Writing

More about Innovation

What is an “Abstract? Guidance for writing a good descriptive abstract. How to write an abstract.

Examples of winning Papers: 

Example– Full Paper: A United States Sustainable Energy Transition Based Successful International Models

Example–Full Paper: Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97

Example–Full Paper: “I Believe We are Lost:” The Worst Casualties of the Great War

Useful Video

Strategies for Lamb Prize Applications

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