And the 2019 Winner Is: Paul F. Weisser of Saint Vincent College

Paul F. Weisser of St. Vincent College Has Been Selected for the 2019 Prize

The Lamb Prize is pleased to announce Paul F. Weisser as its winner for 2019. Mr. Weisser, a junior majoring in Politics at Saint Vincent College, is the fifth  undergraduate to win the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science.

The Lamb Prize, worth $1000. In addition, the winner receives a one-year membership in the Western Social Science Association, a plaque, and travel expenses to attend the WSSA annual meeting, where the plaque will be formally presented.

Weisser & Advisor

Paul F. Weisser with his faculty advisor Dr. Jerome C. Foss of Saint Vincent College

Mr. Weisser’s winning essay is entitled “I Believe We are Lost: the Worst Casualties of the Great War.”  It examines totalitarianism through the political philosophy and writings of Hannah Arendt, including The Origins of Totalitarianism. He uses the novel by Erich Maria Remarque entitled All Quiet on the Western Front to bring to life the theories Arendt described. Mr. Weisser’s comparison  of these two literature classics is a unique approach illustrating the rise of totalitarian movements in a post-Great War world.

The full paper by Paul Weisser was published in May, 2019, the Précis has also been published.

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