Oregon State University’s Claire McMorris wins the 2017 Lamb Prize

Negotiation Guidance Associates and the extended family of Bert & Phyllis Lamb are pleased to announce that Claire McMorris, a senior majoring in Political Science at Oregon State University, is the recipient of the 2017 Prize. Her submission is entitled Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97

ClaireMcMorris 2.jpg

Claire McMorris, Oregon State University

The Selection Committee found Ms McMorris’s paper applying the Narrative Policy Framework to the outcomes of Measure 97 in Oregon to be innovative and interesting.  The paper itself was well written, well-reasoned, and thoroughly referenced.

The Selection Committee chose her paper from among the applicants due to its “strong structure to the argument,” “innovating approach to using an interesting framework to study how persuasion shapes policy,” and “well-done analysis.”  Furthermore, as noted in the paper itself, the work is the first NPF study using ballot measures as data, and “uniquely blends public opinion, hearty campaign narratives and real policy consequences” (McMorris, précis).  Overall, the Committee felt Ms McMorris’ work was not only innovative, but well designed and logical, revealing her as a promising talent.

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