Bryant University’s Quinn Massaroni wins the 2016 Lamb Prize

Negotiation Guidance Associates and the extended family of Bert & Phyllis Lamb are pleased to announce that Quinn Massaroni, a senior majoring in Law & Politics at Bryant University, is the recipient of the 2016 Prize. Her submission is entitled A United States Sustainable Energy Transition Based on Successful International Models.”

Massaroni & holtzman

Quinn Massaroni with her faculty sponsor Dr. Richard Holtzman. Ms. Massaroni is a senior at Bryant University, Springfield RI.

The Selection Committee was favorably impressed by an excellent submission. The paper is well written, clearly presented, and creative. The Selection Committee commended the focus on the need for energy transition and climate change including its link to renewables

Reviewers saw this as an ambitious paper that was logically organized and had excellent follow-through on a difficult task. According to one reviewer, Quinn’s “…use of the ‘best practices’ framework and search for novel ideas for a staged approach to change are indicative of a thoughtful person mature beyond her age.” Furthermore, the paper does a nice job of summarizing what three E.U. nation-states are doing to address issues of energy sustainability. The second part of the paper points out that although the culture of the United States is different from that of Europe, it may still be possible for the United States to adopt some European techniques. The solution presented is based on getting individual states and investors to adopt technical innovations from European countries that, if adopted, would help the United States reduce carbon emissions and increase reliance on renewable energy. This solution veers from the more common U.S. approach, and is thus innovative. Overall, the Selection Committee agreed Ms Massaroni’s paper was innovative by suggesting a solution that while not new, is one not currently taken by the United States.


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