How to Apply for the Lamb Prize

Steps in Preparing and Submitting an Application:

  1. Check out the selection criteria.
  2. Revise your paper with the help of your Advisor or Mentor.
  3. Download the Application Form.
  4. Prepare a cover letter and obtain a support letter from your Advisor or Mentor.
  5. Submit your Application no later than close of business on the third Friday in February.

Helpful Links:    

Download the 2021 Flyer               

2021 Lamb Prize Flyer 2

Good Writing


What is a Précis?  

Examples of winning Précis: 

Example 1—Précis and Full Paper for An Efficient Electoral Method to Reduce Voter Ignorance

Example 2 —Précis for Corporate Oregon: A Narrative Study of Measure 97

Useful Videos

How to Apply or Nominate for the Lamb Prize

Innovation and Good Writing for the Lamb Prize

Presenting the Prize-winning Paper at the WSSA

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