HONORABLE MENTION: Outstanding Submissions Recognized in 2018

For the first time the 2018 Lamb Prize Selection Committee has recognized two undergraduate papers as deserving of Honorable Mention for the Lamb Prize.

Listed as receiving Honorable Mention are:

Joshua Lindell, Colorado State University for his submission entitled “Carbon Tax.”

Anthony Taylor, Colorado State University for his submission entitled “Diffusion of Renewable Energy Technology in Contemporary Society.”

Although these students did not win the 2018 Lamb Prize, their scholarship was acknowledged by the Selection Committee with a letter of commendation and certificate.

The faculty nominator for these two undergraduates was Dr. Sandra Davis, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, Colorado State University.* In making the nominations, Dr. Davis said Mr. Lindell’s  analysis evaluates the effectiveness of a cap and trades system and a carbon tax, “His analysis recognizes the complexity of dealing with a controversial policy issue.” The Selection Committee wrote that “…the paper is well-written and presents many of the broad issues linked to taxes, carbon emissions, and climate change.”

In her nomination for Mr. Taylor’s submission, Dr. Davis said, “One of the paper’s strengths is the recognition of the interdependence of the social, political and market components of the problem.” The Selection Committee said this is “…a well-written paper that sets out the case for the proposed solution in a very systematic fashion.  It is both innovating and practical.”


*Members of the Selection Committee who nominate students for the Lamb Prize recuse themselves from the evaluation process.

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