Recipient of the 2016 Prize–Quinn Massaroni–Talks about Innovation

2016-04-16 19.45.18-1

Dr. Heather Albanesi (WSSA 2016 President), Quinn Massaroni (2016 Recipient), Dr. Berton Lee Lamb.

Click Here to view the video by Quinn Massaroni. Ms Massaroni was the 2016 Recipient of the Bert & Phyllis Lamb Prize in Political Science. In her video she talks about how she crafted her paper in preparation for submitting it to the Selection Committee.

She also discusses “innovation.” Although innovation is defined as using or introducing new ideas, methods, or devices, the term itself can seem daunting.  A tip from Ms Massaroni is to not be intimidated by the word innovation.  According to Quinn, “This word is often interpreted to mean groundbreaking changes; but the reality is that everyday solutions can be applied to various problems and can lead to meaningful change.”  

Many students examine everyday solutions in their senior theses, honors papers, or seminars. Almost everyone is in a position to present ideas for change.  This is innovation.

The 2017 deadline for submitting an application or nomination is February 20, 2017.

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